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Keeping up with Clutter!

How is it possible that I am drowning in a world of clutter? Didn't I just clean this place? How are there dishes in the sink from last week? Where can I find the time to get to any of this mess? Have you found yourself asking these questions on a weekly or even daily basis. Cleaning the house can be overwhelming to everyone at times. How can you keep the house from accumulating clutter? I have a few quick tips that will help you to stay on top of the clutter.

First, pick up after meal. If you have young kids like I do, every meal is a disaster area. Clean the area around the table, the table and clean the dishes immediately after each meal. This will help keep the sink clean and help the clutter in the kitchen to a minimum. By the end of the day you won't be dealing with a mountain of dishes.

Second, pick up the toys, books, electronics after each use. Maybe you don't have kids, but you have the tendency to leave items around the house. Clutter builds up over time. Find a place for everything and put it back after each use. This will help things always feel picked up.

Third, keep a schedule for cleaning. If you put the cleaning on the schedule it helps to spread out the cleaning over your entire week. If you have a cleaning company do the deep cleaning to start, it often is easier to keep up with things throughout the month. Let us know if you want to get on our schedule! We offer bi-weekly or monthly cleans.

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